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Several High-Class Practices 4 Mobile Test Automation

Testers are facing more and more challenges with data-centric mobile applications as the growth of features, OS’s, devices is growing with lightning speed. Luckily there is always a nice safe place called automation that comes to assistance covered in shining armor and with a sword-of-making-things-less-hard thingy. What may be automated? Well, pretty much all of…

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How Being Childish Is Good For Testers

What Means Being Childish We all know that childish tendency to question everything, bombarding their parents with questions “Why?” While this openness to everything new and an impressive desire for learning are too often characterized as childish, this “childishness” is something every good tester should have, never growing out of questioning things and being curious….

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Top 4 Reasons Why Your App Users Don’t Appreciate Your Using Emulators

Looks like nothing can stop the mobile market from growing even bigger. Though handset manufacturers have seemingly produced all the type of devices people would ever want to use, new devices are still springing up now and then, featuring multiple mobile OS and designs far beyond the standard ones. At the same time, software development…

performance testing
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All The Tools You’ve Ever Dreamed About While Testing Mobile App Performance, Part 1

If you are really to make sure you app is as fast as it takes, as strong as it takes, as scalable as it takes you are in for some Performance Testing. And you can’t test any performance without appropriate tools right? Well here are some you may find useful: Open-Source Tools Bees with Machine…

Responsive testing
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Why Should An App Be Responsive And How To Test Responsive And Many More Responsive, Responsive, Responsive!

Mobile QA testing may consist of many things and if some are already usual the others are getting into trend with ten-mile wide steps. Many customers are now wishing for their apps and sites to be responsive or, at least, transferred to a mobile platform. And there is no wonder! Many people are now operating…

QArea is hosting a webinar about easy Drupal project deployment, not a thing to miss!
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QArea is hosting a webinar about easy Drupal project deployment, not a thing to miss!

Is Drupal challenging? Drupal is seemingly of the best CMS’s mankind has come up with as for now. A lot of modules and code are being developed every single day by many dedicated developers. The amount of modules (features) and vast security have made Drupal a preferred CMS for practically every web project. It’s even…

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