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Nice Little Puzzles!

This post will be entirely about puzzles designed to keep a tester’s mind sharp and ready. No tutorials on load testing services, nor how-to’s or tricks of decent regression. Just good old puzzles you will surely enjoy! Feel free to share answers in comments and don’t spoil your fun by looking there too soon! And…

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How to Really Find Bugs!

Well, bugs. There is actually so much meaning in this little word to software testers. There are, of course some bugs that are literally jumping straight at you from the very first lines of code, however most of them are trickier. A lot trickier. And those hidden bugs are actually the ones that matter. The…

Internet of Things
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IoT And Testing: How Do They Mix?

Internet of Things IoT or the Internet of Things is growing huge today. It’s comfortable and convenient to end-users hence people are already addicted to the comfort they are receiving from smart devices. Every single industry from household to healthcare are adopting IoT into their business model. Number of IoT devices grows by the minute…

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